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Harvesting Rain Water Tank in Almadarah and al-Haija villages..........Successful Stories

Harvesting Rain Water Tank in Almadarah and Alhaiga villages:

The villages of Almadarah and al-Haija, which is located in the isolation of Ayyash – Munabih District in Sa’ada Governorate, are most affected by the lack of water. There are many factors that contribute to this; one major factor is that a large area of ​​land is mountainous. The monsoon rains are short and rare and there are no underground water reservoirs, so access to safe drinking water, especially in the district of Munabih, is one of the most important issue. The water crisis is not unique in most rural and mountainous areas in the province. Almadarah and al-Haija are from the villages located in the Directorate of Munabih and characterized by the rugged mountainous terrain. Making water is a difficult task as people walk long distances back and forth with heavy plastic bottles. Most people living in the village have to walk for hours to reach the nearest springs, making it extremely difficult to provide them with adequate and safe water. Many of these families live in poverty and have very low living standards.
Salman Abdullah, 38, a resident of al-Haija village. Mohammed and his wife Janah, 35, rely on agriculture as their sole source of income and support their family of four children (2 males, 2 girls). The association’s team sat down with Salman Abdullah – one of the citizens living in the village – his family.

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خزان حصاد مياه الامطار بقرية المدارة-مديرية منبه
Harvesting Rain Water Tank in Almadarah and al-Haija villages-Munabih District-Sa’ada

In the end, the dream has come true and stability replaces migration and displacement for my family,” Salman explains. The children used to walk for miles to fetch water, before there was a rainwater harvesting tank built in the village, we traveled several kilometers in search of water from the springs, and it was very tiring, especially for women and children, we put a lot of time to get water that “We don’t need water tanks in the village,” Salman added Women and children are responsible for bringing water to their homes. All women sleep little so they can get water for their families on a daily basis, and children are forced to drop out of school and work to bring water to their homes, ”explains Salman. The association intervened in the area by building a rainwater-harvesting tank and network systems. This implementation brought stability to the area and helped residents not to migrate to other areas.. Salman said the rainwater-harvesting tank and filter system will provide clean water and reduce the hardship of both women and children. “I am happy that the water distribution point is close to my house, my children at school … Instead of working to collect water, women can do many things The other one that will help the house is because they spend less time collecting water. ”.

At the end of January 2019, the project was received from the executing contractor, with the participation of the local authority in the Directorate and the officials of the Rural Water Projects Authority and the beneficiaries committee. The project provides 1928 people with potable water in the villages of Almadarah and al-Haija The region has suffered in past periods.