The success story of the water harvesting reservoir in Al-Radm Village – Haydan District

The source of salvation

Harvesting Rainwater Tank in Haydan District..

A project that ended the water crisis and brought children back to school


Zubaid al-Jabal villages have suffered from scarcity of water during the past years, which is considered one of the poorest areas in the district of Haydan – Saada. Hundreds of children under the age of five suffer from severe acute malnutrition and severe, and many diseases such as typhoid, watery diarrhea, schistosomiasis, cholera, and other diseases are common.

Water harvesting tank in Al Radm Village with a capacity of 600 M3 – Haydan District – Saada Gove


Insisting on putting an end to the suffering:

The matter was painful for the project staff from the association’s employees. Zubaid al-Jabal areas are villages in need of drinking water, and the residents face difficulty in transporting water because of the distance and roughness, so that water transport vehicles to those villages are not possible due to the rough road.

Women and children are forced to travel long distances that take hours to transport water on the backs of donkeys and on women’s shoulders which poses a great danger to women and children.

The association’s evaluation team has been searching for a solution to provide water to the people of these disadvantaged villages. The team concluded that the establishment of a rainwater-harvesting tank is the only solution to solve the water problem, due to its geographical nature, its mountainous location and the scarcity of well water in the city of Haydan.

By measuring the humanitarian context and levels of vulnerability, ASADSC conducted a feasibility study on water resources and a flowchart of the proposed reservoir site in the village of Al-Radm, where it is located at the top of the village in the middle of a mountainous elevation above the village in the middle of the mountain from the east in an area that meets most of the required technical conditions.

To respond to the needs and improve the living conditions of the most vulnerable families, the association succeeded in finding funding for the construction of a rainwater harvesting reservoir of 600 m3 capacity, with support and funding from UNICEF. Work began in October 2019, as part of the activities of the “Improving Water Services, Environmental Sanitation and Practice” project implemented by ASADSC in the districts of (Munabih – Razeh – Haydan).

The integrative activities of the project with the component of the water component and the community awareness component of life-saving messages contributed to the success of the project.

ASADSC has implemented hygiene promotion activities to raise awareness of water, sanitation and hygiene related diseases, raise awareness of Corona disease and target villages benefiting from the project in addition to the rest villages of Haydan district.

An old man and a number of children in front of an awareness board in the village of Al-Radm – in Haydan district – Saada