training course in basic stratigies in active learning

training course in the field of basic stratigies in active learning in Sa'ada governorat_ASADSC

Saturday 30/12/2017

As part of the project for the return of children to education through community classes, Abna Sa’ada Association (ASADSC) in partnership with the Office of Education / Sa’ada and the funding of UNICEF implement the training program in active learning strategies for teachers of both male and female of community classes, which lasts for 10 days for 174 participants and participation in two phases begins the first phase: on 30/12/2017 and ending on 3/1/2018 followed by the second phase on 6/1/2018 and ending on 10/1/2018.

It is worth mentioning that the training project seeks to develop the abilities of learners, where the learner is the focus of the educational process, and targeted the teachers of the community classes, who were nominated from eleven of the directorates of the province, and women participate in training by 20% of the total target in the training room located in the school of Tawheed, Teacher training in the halls of Al-Saeed Educational Complex.

The opening ceremony of the training course was attended by the Governor of Sa’ada province, Mr. Mohammed Jaber Awad, Deputy Director of the Education Bureau and the president of Abna Sa’ada Association(ASADSC).



174 teachers participate in the training course in the area of active learning strategies