The conclusion of the training course on active learning strategies

Wednesday, 6/10/2018
As part of the project of the return of children to education through social classes, the Abna Sa’ada Association for social development and charity held a ceremony honoring the teachers of the community classes on the occasion of the conclusion of the training course in the field of active learning strategies, which targeted 174 participants from different districts of Sa’ada Governorate.
This training course is part of the project activities implemented in partnership with the Office of Education in Saada Governorate and funded by UNICEF in order to develop and strengthen the abilities of teachers in the skills of active learning strategies and to raise questions of class and the implementation of classes with merit and from the curriculum curriculum.

The ceremony included a number of paragraphs and participation by the guests and participants, which praised the levels provided by the association of organization, coordination, training and logistics, which won the satisfaction and satisfaction of beneficiaries.
The closing ceremony was attended by the Assistant Undersecretary for Education and Endowments / Adel Al-Dini and the general director of the Education Office Mr. Abdulrahman Al-Dharafi, also the President of Abna Sa’ada Association T/ Lutf Alawawi , at the end of ceremony the participation certificates was distributed between all the participants.