The conclusion of training course in “Project Management”


15-11-2017 Wednesday- The conclusion of the training course in “Project Management” as part of the training program for the 2017 Plan, sponsored by Abna Sa’ada Association in order to develop the institutional capacities of civil society organizations in Saada Governorate.

It is worth mentioning that the participants expressed satisfaction with the acquired knowledge and skills on project management from the project identification stage to the project completion stage. The objectives of the course have achieved the desired results through the practical applications implemented according to modern scientific bases, enabling them to Project management to achieve the goals and continuity of the organizations.








At the end of the training course, the participants were honored and received their  certificates  The ceremony was attended by the executive manager of the association, Eng. Abdullah Al-Qohoum. The ceremony included the participation of the trainees and their opinions on the course and its results and the desire to obtain other courses that enhance their abilities and develop their skills in all aspects of the institutional work.