World Water Day

On the anniversary of the World Water Day, which falls on March 22nd, ASADSC adopted the three strategic goals, and within the second strategic goal is the development goal (2.2): “Work to improve water and environmental sanitation services to obtain clean, safe water and a healthy environment, to enhance community health.” to decrease the suffering of the most needy groups.

Compact image of water harvesting tanks

In WASH programs, the association has implemented water projects in mountainous areas where water sources are scarce, by establishing and rehabilitating rainwater harvesting tanks, as it is a renewable source of water and the most and fastest way to provide water to the target groups, in a way that contributes to reducing the oppressive depletion of scarce water. And to benefit from rain water.
Abna Saada Association (ASADSC) implemented during the years 2019/2020 (11) rainwater harvesting tanks, in addition to designing (19) concrete tanks in 19 health and educational facilities,to collect the wasted rainwater from the roofs of these facilities and collected it to supply these facilities with water. To contribute to water harvesting, and to limit the repercussions of the humanitarian crisis in the country.

Compact photos of concrete aggregate water tanks

The storage capacity of the executed tanks reached 8,508 cubic meters.