Speech of the President of the ASADSC

We take this opportunity to give you a brief overview of the work, projects and services provided by the Association of Abna Sa’ada Association for the period from 2014 to the end of 2016. By the end of this year, Abna Sa’ada Association has completed three years of its services to Saada Governorate, and we pledge to do more and renew our commitment.

The Saada Society is aware that without a strategic direction, it can not determine its next journey and draw a road map “for the level it wants to reach, the way to reach it, and for whom and why.” Over a period of more than three months led to the preparation of the Strategic Plan, we carefully reviewed our current humanitarian activities, our tasks and the humanitarian landscape in the next few years and assessed our current and potential capabilities to present unmet humanitarian needs in the country. As a result of this analysis, we commit ourselves to providing the following:

  • Rainwater harvesting projects in the western mountain areas and water and sanitation services.
  • Early recovery programs within cash-for-work projects in the field of protection and food security.
  • Needs in education and rehabilitation of war-damaged educational facilities
  • Community food security programs within livelihood projects and distribution of agricultural assistance for sustainability
  • Effective humanitarian services for those affected by natural disasters and man-made disasters throughout the country

This document includes our vision and goal by the end of 2020 or earlier with a set of actions to translate Vision into Action, in line with the Global Strategic Objectives for Sustainable Development as well as the regulatory environment that will enable us to do what is required of us. The humanitarian crisis resulting from the war has placed not only more responsibility on us but also provided us with another opportunity to demonstrate how the fundamental principles of humanity are actually put into practice. This means that, Abna Sa’ada Association has become and will continue to be more important than ever, but we need to demonstrate our continued importance and commitment by providing humanitarian services to vulnerable people and building strategic capacity to deliver more and more services. These services can not be effectively provided unless we invest in the development and maintenance of Abna Sa’ada Association as a dynamic and powerful organization capable of providing unmet humanitarian services in the country.

For three years, Abna Sa’ada Association has continued to provide services that it considered suitable for its early humanitarian work and the situation in the country. However, it must also be recognized that the provision of humanitarian services has been greatly affected by the available funding provided by generous donors and partners of the Saada Society From being an informed decision on which aspects should be prioritized. However, the main focus of the Saada Society in the coming years will be on mobilizing local resources, which will provide us with more flexibility to allocate resources according to our priorities.

Finally, we would like to pay tribute to the generous support provided by donors and look forward to continued support for the translation and implementation of this Strategic Plan.