The Vision ,message ,goals of ASADSC


The Association of Abna Saada includes complete impartiality and impartiality to any of the
components, parties or sects. It was founded in 2014 by a group of young people who aspire
to participate actively in the process of change in Yemen through peaceful mechanisms and
using the method of advocacy and networking and accept the other and effective dialogue
and partnership for all members of society to Building and developing Yemen and achieving .

Our vision:

Leadership and excellence in the provision of development services and humanitarian work to meet the needs of the community and ensure quality to achieve sustainable and comprehensive development.

Our Message :

Seeking to provide humanitarian aids for affected communities and building the capacity of Yemeni people trough executing many huffily effective programs and projects .

Our Goals:

1) Work on the development of the institutional building of the association.
2) Contribute to the needs of IDPs, returnees and host communities through integrated programs and emergency response in sectors (food and agricultural security – water,environmental sanitation and awareness -protection – health – nutrition – shelter and shelter – education – community rehabilitation) for recovery and resilience.
3) Contribute to alleviating poverty and reducing unemployment through livelihood programs, cash for work, income-generating projects and cash assistance.
4) Contribute to the protection of women and children through the provision of protection programs against gender-based violence and psychosocial support programs.
5) Work on coordination and networking with humanitarian partners and stakeholders to build a common ground that enhances access to target communities to achieve desired results.

Our Values:

 Quality
Continuous development

Abna Saada Association