A training course for publishers of community outreach-2018

Day: Thursday, Date: 08 – 03 – 2018
The training course for publishers and community outreach publishers on life-saving communication and messaging skills concluded today as part of the activities of the Integrated Water, Environmental Sanitation and Communication for Development Program, implemented by ASADSC and funded by UNICEF in 2018.

The three-day course, with the participation of (45) volunteers from Districts of (Munabbih – Hayadn) to provide the participants with the basic communication skills to raise and enhance community awareness of the importance of hygiene and health messages to save life.

This was pointed out by President of the ASADSC Lutf Yahya Al-Awawi on the importance of the application of what participants learn in the course on the ground as they are messengers of awareness in their communities, pointing out that there is follow-up and evaluation in the field.

On the other hand, pointed the Executive Director of the ASADSC, Eng. that the outputs of the course will be a conduit to raise awareness in the target communities of water and sanitation projects and a factor of the success of the project.

دورة لناشري وناشرات التوعية المجتمعية_C4D