Our Mission


Our Mission

We seek to improve the living conditions of various human groups in the local community. Without discrimination; By providing sustainable development services related to the needs of the target population. And participation in the emergency humanitarian response to those affected by disasters and wars, and the establishment of a successful partnership and distinguished relationship with humanitarian partners.

Our Vision

We look forward to leadership and excellence in providing our development services to the local community. Efficiently, effectively and with high quality to achieve sustainable development.

Strategic Goals

  1. Developing institutional work and raising operating efficiency to achieve sustainability and administrative stability.
  2. Improving the living conditions of the poor and most vulnerable groups to alleviate poverty by supporting basic services and facilitating community access to them and contributing to meeting the urgent needs of those affected by wars and disasters.
  3. Expanding communication channels, strengthening relations with central and local government agencies, international and local organizations, and Lining up with national developmental strategies and plans.


values, principles and policies of the Association

First – Institutional affiliation and loyalty

Loyalty to the association and attachment to it with love and thought, dedication to serving it, adopting its Issues and goals, highlighting human values and meanings, and embodying them by the association’s employees in all their dealings inside and outside the association.

Second – Accountability and Promoting Integrity

Providing distinguished and fair services to the beneficiaries without discrimination and of high quality, obtaining the rights of those concerned in accordance with the legislation, laws and principles of humanitarian work, and working to prevent corruption and conflicts of interest, respecting the principle of societal accountability, learning from complaints, analyzing their causes and working to deal with them.

Third – privacy and independence

The Association and its employees are keen on maintaining complete confidentiality and not sharing the data and information of the beneficiaries of its services with any person or entity. The association deals with the data available to it about donors, beneficiaries, volunteers and others – as content that may not be behaved except with reference to the owner of the data if there is a need to use this data for any reason.

Fourth – Efficiency and Effectiveness

Achieving the required results and creating a positive impact related to the needs of the beneficiaries with cost efficiency and required quality.

Fifth- Partnership and Sustainability

Coordination and action, where necessary, with central and local government agencies, non-local organizations, the private sector, societies, and lining up with national developmental strategies and plans, taking into account all the factors of project sustainability in terms of operational, social, technical and environmental aspects during all stages of the project cycle.