Training Course for Teachers of the Temporary Classes in Sa’ada Governortae

Training Course for Teachers of the Temporary Classes in Sa'ada Governortae-2017_ASADSC

ASADSC  concluded the training   course “Active Learning Skills” founded by UNICEF. The course lasted five days and  (87) teachers  received  active education and modern methods and methods of teaching.

The closing ceremony was attended by the Director-General of the Education Office, Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Durafi, and he stressed on  the importance of applying the skills, experience, methods and methods of teaching in the field to the participants. He pointed to the importance of the role of the teacher in immunizing generations of false cultures, praising the role of teachers and their keenness to complete the school year in light of the continued aggression and siege and cutting salaries.

While the President of the Association Sir/Lutf Al-Awawi that the association  will continue to establish many activities and events that will create human development.
He pointed out the importance of the course in refining the participants’ experiences and imparting new skills to improve the educational process.
At the conclusion, Eng. Abdullah Mohammed Al-Qahoum, the Executive Director of the Association , pointed out the importance of applying the outputs of the course to the practical situation so that it will bear fruit on the students and encourage them to complete the study. He stressed that one of the main objectives of the Association is to take care of education. (87) classes in the targeted districts .

The association’s camera covered the session for five days and held some meetings with the trainees and they  expressed their satisfaction and benefits got  from the course. They thanked  the association for this session.

The Director of the Education Office  and the President of the Association  and the Executive Director of the Association  Eng. Abdullah Al-Qahoum distributed certificates of appreciation to participants and trainers.