Emergency Response Project and distribution of shelter materials for displaced and war-affected people in the district of Monabeh-Sa’ada Governorat

Abna Sa’ada Association  implemented the emergency response project for displaced and war-affected people, distributing emergency aids, bags of dignity, hygiene promotion and environmental sanitation in the Manaba district and  funded by IOM.
During the implementation process, Mr. Ahmed Al-Moayyed,- the project manager of  ASAD, met with many of the leaders and dignitaries of the district  and discussed the charitable activities of Abna Sa’ada Association and their contribution to the provision of emergency services to the communities. They also thanked donor humanitarian organizations

The distribution was carried out in more than 10 villages in the district and distributed (380) cases, including one case, an enclosure bag, a cleaning bag, a bag of dignity, and the distribution process was smooth. The beneficiaries showed their thanks and appreciation for this project.

The aim of the project:
The Emergency Response Project for the distribution of housing materials for displaced and war-affected persons is aimed at alleviating the suffering of the displaced and the affected by the access of the target to the shelter materials, which are brushes ,blankets and diginity bags  which protect them  from diseases and cold, as well as raise awareness of beneficiaries on the use of water and methods of prevention of diseases including diarrhea, and the promotion of health awareness including helps reduce the number of fatalities in target communities.

Project activities
Supplying housing materials to the warehouses of the association and includes the following activities:- Supply and screening of cases separately and ensure their arrival to each target family fully.

The transfer of materials to the district  and includes the following activities:-

-Sending the team to survey and assess the needs and record the number of displaced and affected to the Monabeh district
-Transportation and storage of housing materials to isolate Bani Khuli – Al Yazid – Bani Ayyash – Al-Maqana – Chuhan – Batin and AlAor area.
– Distribution of shelter materials for the targeted areas in the district   according to the statements submitted by the team survey and distribution.

Submit to IOM weekly reports , inventory supply reports and warehouse exchange as well as reports daily distribution in the areas targeted in Monabeh District ,documented with pictures and forms of receipt and a column of local Authority Directorate.
– Submit the financial and final report to the International Organization for Migration.