The project of cleaning the city of Saada


2016 January 31,

Campaign (“Environmental Protection and Hygiene”) in the old city of Sa’ada

Overall Objective:

To rehabilitate awareness teams working in the field to contribute to the change in the behavior of communities affected by war, with regard to the misuse of the concepts of hygiene, water sanitation and proper sanitation.

Special Objectives:

1-Identify diseases that may be transmitted as a result of ignorance of the concept of hygiene, water and sanitation

2- Learn about the importance of environmental sanitation in our lives.

3-Identify the damage caused by garbage and animal waste and the damage of urination and protrusion in the water and around the houses and encourage the use of bathrooms.

4-Ability to identify needs, planning and reporting

5-Know the basics and methods of communication and good advice

6-Promote teamwork among members of the awareness, hygiene and hygiene education team.

7-Remove the remnants of destroyed houses from the streets of the city and the storms of rainwater

Project Description:

In the framework of voluntary and charitable work for a clean city, under the slogan of the Prophet’s Hadith, may Allah bless him and grant him peace: “The road to harm from the road is charity” The Association of the sons of Saada Charity Development organized a campaign to clean the old city of the people of the city on 26/6/2014 In this campaign all city dignitaries are religious scholars, intellectuals, school students, and volunteers.


1-Implementing a community awareness campaign for the target group in mosques, schools, meeting rooms and government offices in coordination with the Executive Council, the governorate office, the improvement office, the local council, the head of the corridors, distributing the posters and posters in the main places, schools and health facilities in addition to allocating a number of cars with mobile phones. Through the amplifiers for the campaign clean and contribute to the removal of dust and building materials and the importance of community participation and this activity took two days

2-impelemnt hygiene campaign around old city of Saada and surrounding neighborhoods and main streets and sub-in (lane trail familiarity -harh Smarh- Harat Alhadi – Harat Alsefal – Harat Aljerbah – Harat Babalsalam – Harat AlGaser – Harat Zaidan – Harat Alian – Haggar Lane – Central lane – Zubairi lane – AlmwasalatLane – Alkhames lane – Al Mualla lane – the lane of offical bank – Pereaqhob lane -Ekabh lane – Almcrap lane – Bear Sharefah lane – Bear Altahm lane – Sana’a Street – transportation Street – market Street – Salman Street – Ring Road) and remove the remnants of destroyed houses and dust accumulated P Hajjar Lane and the area around the city wall to facilitate rain water out through the holes in the bottom of the wall of the city for ten days

3-Some of the photographs taken during the launch of the campaign and during the period of the cleanup campaign

The two-day clean-up campaign involved all age groups that removed all the dirt from the city and surrounding neighborhoods and the rubbish dumps in the streets and alleys. The cars, in turn, transported these wastes and wastes and emptied them in their own places.

On the occasion of this campaign, the people of the city expressed great satisfaction and appreciated the society’s role in raising the awareness of the community to this campaign. They also pledged to continue cleaning the city and its suburbs. “How close you are to dirt and dirt is the disease,” as cars around the city hear loudspeakers calling out and urging parents to take part in this campaign.

In the end, the campaign to clean up the old city and its environs has been greatly appreciated by the community and the satisfaction of this initiative, which makes the citizen a person who is aware of the cleanliness and the whole city of splendor and splendor.

In a statement to the President of Abna Sa’ada Association for the people of the old city of Saada and its suburbs, thanked all its contributors to the success of this campaign, and stressed the need to organize other campaigns in the future