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who are we

Independent, non-profit, ASADSC respects a strict political and religious impartiality, and operates following principles of non-discrimination, transparency, according to its core values: Humanism, Transparency, Quality, Neutrality, Volunteerism and Continuous development.
ASADSC is committed to immediate humanitarian relief to support those in urgent need and protect people’s dignity, while co-creating longer-term opportunities for sustainable growth and fulfilling people’s potential. ASADSC endeavours to respond to humanitarian crises and build resilience; promote inclusive and sustainable growth; co-construct effective governance and support the building of civil society Yemeni Through community participation in activities and build their capacity to recover and resilience.
The commitment of ASADSC is guided by six core values:
• Humanity: we ensure the efficient and responsible delivery of humanitarian aid with the means and the resources that have been entrusted to us and to provide protection and health and to ensure respect for human rights.
• Neutrality: ASADSC refrains from taking sides in conflict, or engaging in disputes of a political, racial, religious or ideological nature.
• Quality: ASADSC is committed to the totality of features and characteristics of humanitarian assistance that support its ability to, in time, satisfy stated or implied needs and expectations, and respect the dignity of the people it aims to assist.
• Transparency: ASADSC is committed to honesty and openness in communicating and sharing appropriate information in an appropriate manner with crisis-affected communities and other stakeholders.
• Volunteer work: Staff are supported to do their job effectively, and are treated fairly and equitably.
• Continuous development: ASADSC learns from experiences in order to continuously improve its performance, identify and document effective learning processes and procedures, including learning from observation, evaluations and complaints, and periodically monitors its performance, including accountability framework, staff competencies, information sharing, empowerment in engagement and handling of complaints and learning Within appropriate action plans and a clear time frame.